Coulter Has a Point

Ann Coulter may be one of the more controversial conservatives in the United States, but she is still an incredibly intelligent woman who knows a thing or two about politics. This hold true for her comments on Tuesday, following the Republican debate. She appeared on Sean Hannity’s  show on FOX to discuss the state of the race. She paid Romney a compliment and also talked about Thompson.

One of her points was that Romney may be a better candidate because he was governor of Massachusetts, an extremely liberal state. Her logic was that becuase people like Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich come from Conservative states, they don’t need to appeal to moderates. As long as they win the Conservative vote, they win the election. Romney on the other hand, ran for governor in a state that is only 17% Republican. To win the election, Romney has to have a strong appeal to moderates and Democrats. While part of that appeal may have been based on his moderate views when he ran, he moved right during his term, and maintained a decent popularity rating. The ability to appeal to moderates and Democrats will be important to winning the nomination, and the ability to do it without changing your views is even better.


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