Fred..uh…Thompson (and His Bad Memory)

tip off: Elect Romney in 2008

Well, Fred Thompson had an appearance on CNBC the other day – and he didn’t do very well. If you follow the link at the top of the post, it contains the video that I’m talking about.  His combination of “ums” and “Ahs”, long run-on sentences, and mumbled talking points completely destroy any message he was trying to send. I know his supporters are calling him the next Ronald Reagan, but this show, at least, made him seem more like George Bush than the “Great Communicator.”

There is one other point I want to make. During the interview, Thompson said he didn’t remember that particualar vote (supprising in itself, seeing as the site lists him as the sole detractor). While I can forgive him for forgetting the vote, I am finding myself increasingly unable to excuse his cronic forgetfulness. Forgetting one vote is one thing, but just this week, Fred Thompson said he didn’t remember filling out the position papers


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