Where Does Thompson Stand on Abortion?

Even if you don’t like Mitt Romney, even if he is not your pick, you know where he stands on important issues like abortion. Romney has made it very clear that he opposes abortion. Fred Thompson, on the other hand, does not seem to have as clear of a position. He seems to oppose abortion, and the Roe v. Wade ruling that made it legal, but he also seems to oppose a federal ban on the procedure. In 1994, he made statements saying that the Federal Government should “leave abortion alone” and that the decision “must be made by a woman.” In addition, his responce to a question about his answer on a candidate position survey (in which he checked the box stating “abortion should be legal in all circumstances as long as the procedure is completed within the first trimester.” He also seems to think abortion is a state issue – and thats not good enough. While Federalism is often a good thing, its not when it comes to abortion. On issues of education and energy and even gay marriage, Federalism is good. Abortion however, is a completely different issue. Unlike those other issues, abortion is about life, millions and millions of innocent lives. One of the primary purposes of the federal government is to protect the life of American citizens – and I think that includes the unborn. If Fred Thompson wants to keep his current support levels, much less win the nomination, he better hope he can dodge the abortion issue.


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