Fred Thompson the Manager – It’s Not Pretty

 tip off: USA Today

I have previously criticized Fred Thompson for having no executive or management experience. It seems that I am wrong in saying that he never have management experience, but as his record shows, he may be more willing to accept the “no experience” label. What I’m talking about comes from a USA Today article on Fred Thompson. Actually, the primary point of the article was about Fred Thompson’s experience as a Washington lobbyist and his ties to people and causes he would later oppose as a Senator. The information about his experience as a board member of Stone & Webster, an engineering firm. During Thompson’s work as a board member, the company lost money (eventually going Bankrupt after he left) and was sued by shareholders relating to activities during his tenure. Thompson himself was accused of having an improper conflict of interest relating to legal work he did for the firm.



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4 responses to “Fred Thompson the Manager – It’s Not Pretty

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  2. tommyd4

    What’s with the obsession? Read most Thompson bloggers and they spend very little, if any, time attacking Romney. You Romney bloggers are really worked up in a tiffy over Thompson. Why don’t we wait on the next debate, when Thompson will participate, and go from there.

  3. tommyd4

    Plus, you’re taking everything you read as gospel.

  4. These are important things people should know – and I will report them. IF you read my site, you realize that I criticize ANY Republican candidate when I feel they need to be crticized. I have done this to McCain, Giuliani, Thompson, Brownback, and Paul. I know I have had a series of posts this weekend about Fred Thompson, but if you read my blog, you’ll realize that I am in no way singling him out.

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