Mission: Enforcement

I like President Bush, I think he’s an honest leader who has strong opinions, but he has failed his country on the issue of immigration. President Bush, for whatever reason, is pushing a bill that is not only bad for his country, but bad for his party. I don’t like to criticize a President from my own party, but I see this bill as a sellout in the name of creating some kind of legacy. Unfortunately, President Bush has allied himself with people like Ted Kennedy rather than the will of the American Public. As I said, it is very hard for me to put this plan forward, because it feels to me like it is abandoning a leader of my own party – and one who has led us through a very difficult time in our history relatively well. Those feelings aside, we cannot allow this amnesty bill to pass – the consequences are too severe. Below, are links to the contact information of U.S. Senators and Representatives. almost 3/4 of Americans oppose Amnesty, and most are happy with an “enforcement first” policy. I want all of my readers to take a few minutes to contact their reps. and demand the following three things (in the order listed):

1) Division of the current bill into two bills: one on enforcement, and one on deciding what to do with those already here.

2) Strong enforcement policies that crack down on employers, secure the border, implement some kind of ID system, and locate illegals already here.

3) Discussion and passage of a separate bill to decide what to do with illegals already here ONLY AFTER we see a substantial reduction in the number of illegals entering the country.


At this point, I would like to see participation from people my age (teenagers), because we are the ones most effected by this bill. John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and President Bush are not going to be around in 20 or 30 years, we are, and we are the ones who are going to be most effected by the legalization of millions of people who have no respect for our economy, our culture, our laws, or our government. This is too important to allow this bill to go through.


Contact Information


Representatives (requires ZIP code)


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