Movin’ on Up – Michigan to the 29th?

As I previously hinted, Michigan is considering moving its primary up to January 29th. This would be the same day as Florida, before South Carolina, and would actually shrink the size of “Super Tuesday.” Romney currently leads in Michigan, and if it did move up to January 29, it would be handing Romney another early primary state. He already leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, and is second in Nevada and South Carolina (thought I have doubts about the latest poll in S.C.). Giuliani is running on a one-state strategy – to win Florida on a day when no other state has a primary and use it to help him on Super Tuesday. If Giuliani has to share headlines the day after the Florida primary with a Romney win in Michigan, he will loose most, if not all, of the benefit, particlarly if Romney wins all of the above mentioned states before or just after a Giuliani win in FL. Winning all but one, or even two early primary states (provided they don’t go to the same guy) could very well be too much momentum to stop.


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