I Want to See a Debate…

…between Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

I think I have made it more than clear that I am not exactly a fan of Fred Thompson. In case you have not seen the latest Rasmussen poll, he is tied with Rudy Giuliani at 24% with Romney at 11%. I do not think he deserves poll numbers this high, particularly when you just how small of a record he has and how little he did. That Said, I think Romney should offer to pay for, and challenge Fred Thompson to, a debate between just the two of them. At this rate, neither has enough support to win the nomination, and I don’t think either can get it if both remain in the race. A one-on-one debate between the two of them would offer them both ample time to explain themselves to conservatives and moderates within the GOP. It would allow Republicans to compare these two side-by-side, see how they respond to criticism, see how they can think on their feet, and get a good judge of their charisma and media appeal.

Keep in mind, these two may very well end up as a ticket, and, no matter who was the top spot (though Romney is still my pick by far), it would be a very impressive team.


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