McCain’s Mistake

As I said in my rankings, I think McCain is in deep trouble, and I think his latest move to attack Mitt Romney is only going to hurt him more. Everyday, I check the 2008 Presidential Wire to see what the latest headlines are in the Presidential Race. Today, I saw three headlines, all on the recent decision by the McCain camp to start attacking Romney as a “flip-flopper.” Unfortunately for McCain, these headlines are probably not what the McCain people wanted. Rather than “Romney the Flip Flopper” or “Mitt Can’t be Trusted”,  they said things like “The Logic of Attacking Romney” and “McCain attacks Romney” – neither of which are particularly damaging headlines. Compound this with the fact that the attacks are related to, of all issues, abortion. Not only has McCain himself had problems with this issue in the past, but it is the issue where Romney has a consistant, believable, honest responce.

Could it be any worse for McCain? Well, yes, and it is. This is the first serious attack by a GOP candidate on another, and it could turn people off, particularly seeing the desparation tied into the attack. That could very easily move even more of McCain’s support into the “undecided” column, where Romney could easily pick them up later, as could Thompson or Giuliani.


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