Mitt Romney Takes Lead in California

I have previously stated that I take polls containing huge momentum shifts with a grain of salt, but state polls are a bit more reliable, and, according to a poll taken by The Sacremento Bee, Mitt Romney has taken a huge lead in California. This, if true, completely reshapes the race. For one, Giuliani, who lost his delagate majority last week, has now fallen below 1,000 delagate votes at the Convention next year. He still holds a 2-1 lead in delagates over John McCain, but he is falling – both nationally and in states polls.

For Two, Romney is making an extremely strong showing in the west. He now leads in Utah, California, and is in second (And within the MOE) in Nevada. Romney is doing extremely well, and this is also a big break into Super Tuesday.

Take the jump for what it is worth, but this is big.


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  1. 311polo

    Mitt Romney is really doing well, here hopes he can keep the momentum. I posted a GOP delegate prediction on Dry Fly Politics, check it out: This news about California, if true, changes everything. Go Mitt.

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