It Makes No Sense

Its Tuesday, which means that Rasmussen’s latest GOP poll is out – and it shows Fred Thompson in the lead. It looks like he still has some momentum, although it does appear to be slowing, only increasing . So Thompson is doing well, fine. What I don’t understand is why Romney is once again stuck in the low single digits. Why is the candidate who leads in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, California, and Utah still only polling 10% in national polls? Why is the candidate with the most money and possibly the best organization still polling behind an unannounced actor? To makes things even stranger, Thompson is NOT biting into the Romney lead in the early states. I don’t know what the Romney campaign needs to do, but you don’t win the nomination when you only have the support of 10% of the population.



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3 responses to “It Makes No Sense

  1. frofreak

    Patience, young skywalker.

  2. Swint

    It is a strange conundrum. It is baffling as to why he is not gaining nationally. Fortunately, I think Thompson’s rise is all based on him being the new guy and that he will fade. The one positive is that the States you mentioned where Mitt is leading are all early primary states. And winning each of those will still put him in a strong position after Mega-Tuesday.

  3. Well, all the early states but two, but I get the point. My fear, however, is dividing the Conservative base. While Thompson was not my pick for VP, I am starting to think Romney should make a deal with Thompson now. Thompson drops out, endorses and campaigns for Romney, Romney absorbs most of the Thompson supporters, becomes the frontrunner, wins the primaries, and names Thompson as VP. You get a Conservative ticket, an easy primary season, and a united party for the general election.

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