At Least for Now, I’m Picking Thompson for VP

Fred Thompson was not my first choice for the Vice President spot on a GOP ticket, but I now believe, that in the interests of uniting the base and giving the Conservatives a realistic shot at beating Giuliani before the convention, he is the best pick at this time. This has no effect on my support for Mitt Romney for President, actually, I think it forms a great ticket. It would pair two Conservatives who, together, form a ticket that can appeal to Republicans, Independents, and some Democrats. The inclusion of Thompson completes the model of what I have said would be a winning ticket, pairing Mitt Romney at the top and “Conservative Southerner X” as VP. Thompson has the appeal to Southern Evangelicals – the one group Mitt Romney still struggles with. At this time, I believe it is important to unite the Conservative Base, to help avoid a divisive and polarizing primary election that could damage our chances of winning the general election.

However, while I do currently support Thompson for lower half of the ticket, it is not an endorsement. Right now, I think Thompson is the best man for the job, both because his positions are mainly Conservative, and because of his appeal in areas where Romney struggles. If Thompson does decide to run, and start to falter, he looses his appeal as a VP. Also, if he decides not to run, he obviously poses no threat of splitting the base, reducing his appeal as a VP candidate. Like I said, Thompson was not my first pick, but I believe it is in the best interests of the party to unite the Conservative base, and, at this time, Thompson is the best person to do that.


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