More on a Romney/Thompson Ticket

Well, I’ve said it. As of right now, I’m supporting a Romney/Thompson ticket for the GOP nomination and the Presidency. This is very much a strategical alliance, though I don’t see any major obstacles that would make this ticket difficult to put together – short of one of the candidates not being interested. Its not like trying to put McCain and Romney together – where they do not seem to be the best of friends. As I stated in my last post, when I announced my support, a Romney/Thompson ticket is complete, it has appeal in all areas of the country, and can pull votes from all areas of the political spectrum (minus the extreme libs). Romney has the ability to appeal in the Midwest, West, and Northeast, while Thompson has strong pull in the South. Romney can attract Conservatives, independents, and even Democrats, while Thompson can attract the remaining Conservatives who are hesitant to vote for a Mormon Northerner. I have been doing some work with the election map, and the poll numbers, and I really think that this is a strong ticket. Here is what I have:

  • Right now, Romney leads in four states (IA, NH, MI, UT), and may lead in California. Thompson leads in three states (SC, NC, TN), and may lead in nevada. Between them, they lead in 7-9 states, and control as many as 513 delagates. Nationally, they have 38% support between the two of them in the latest Rasmussen poll.
  • If Fred Thompson were to drop out of the race now, and most or all of his support went to Romney, not only would they have the above mentioned support, but their combined numbers would allow them to pick up Kansas and Ohio, and possibly others. That would give them as many as 11 states, and 640 delagate votes.
  • If the above happened, it would probably kill the McCain campaign, freeing up around 10% support nationally – and more than 500 convention delagates. Now, I have a feeling that a lot of McCain’s support would gravitate towards the Romney/Thompson ticket rather than the Giuliani campaign. As big of a mess as McCain is on immigration, I still think he is more of a Conservative than a liberal. That would give the new Romney/Thompson ticket the lead in states, delagates, and national polls. That could put a lock on the nomination before the primaries are even started. The longer we know who the nominee is, the longer that person (or ticket) has to raise money, and campaign against the Democrats.

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