Don’t Bring Them Here!

White House Nears Decision to Close Gitmo

Ok, so there are people who think we need to close the Gitmo prison – fine. They argure it hurts our image in the world, ok fine. However, I have no desire to see hundreds of people who want to kill us all moved to the United States. It is not beyond reason to think that one of these people could escape – and that would put hundreds of thousands of lives in danger. There are plenty of other places in the world where we could put these people – Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa – where they are not a danger to the United States. I will remind anyone who needs it that bringing these people to the United States does more harm than putting the population at risk – it gives them extra rights that they do not deserve, and that makes it even more likely that they will be released onto the public streets.

I can understand that there are people who think that Terrorists deserve more rights, but, lets be honest, they should not be protected by the Constitution that they want so deeply to destroy. I also think there is something to be said for re-doing all of the international treaties to figure how to deal with these people. They are not civilized and organized armies like that of the United States or Russia, they are simply murderous thugs who kill innocent men, women, and children. They do not abide by rules of war or rules governing the treatment of POWs – look how they treated the last three men they caught – the killed them.

Are these really the kind of people we want held up just a few miles from populations of United States Citizens?


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  1. DevRonin

    The biggest problem with GITMO is that it’s waste of money. We have plenty of space for them in the continental United States. The very idea of forcing our great military to play nanny to a bunch of men broken by torture and every kind of abuse known to man is repugnant.
    Most of these guys are tortured and abused by private contractors. And our military gets the ugly reputation for being a bunch of dishonorable thugs through little or no merit of there own. These are the vicissitudes of running an warfare state economy. Death become profitable. And the military is used as tool to achieve economic dominance. Terrorism is an act of insane violence that is as old as the Bible. Occupation and oppression drives humanity to insanity and desperation. Do the math…

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