Romney Takes Nevada, Thompson Picks Up Texas

Lets get right to it, Mitt Romney has taken the lead in Nevada, while Thompson has picked up Texas, though Romney also made gains in The Lone Star State. Lets take a look, number in parenthesses are from the last polls I have in each state:

 Nevada (ARG Poll)

  • Mitt Romney – 23% (15%)
  • Rudy Giuliani – 21% (12%)
  • Fred Thompson – 16% (13%)
  • John McCain – 16% (19%)


Texas (IVR Polls)

  • Fred Thompson 29% (11%)
  • Rudy Giuliani 21% (23%)
  • John McCain 13% (27%)
  • Mitt Romney 9% (6%)


Obviously, Good news for Romney in both polls. I think it is also worth pointing out that, like the South Carolina poll, low numbers for Romney are not that supprising, and are not necessesairily bad for the Campaign. Romney has been focusing heavily on Iowa and New Hampshire – and is not putting a whole lot of effort on the South yet. This is especially true when the leader in both States is Fred Thompson, a Southerner who has most of his appeal in the South. That all said, I am taking the Texas poll with a grain of salt – I have not listed Ron Paul’s numbers, but I find it hard to believe that he is polling at 6%. Either way, Romney is gaining in states where he is not even campaigning.



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4 responses to “Romney Takes Nevada, Thompson Picks Up Texas

  1. Swint

    Great news for Romney, although Fred Thompson looks to be quite formidable. More and More it is looking like a Romney-Thompson showdown.

  2. Or, preferably, a Romney-Thompson ticket.

  3. Dell

    I really can’t see Romney having any desire to have Fred on his ticket. Fred brings nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing except the possibility of a few more votes. Romney surrounds himself with the best and brightest and if you’ve ever seen Fred speak about a meaningful subject without a script written by someone else, you know he wouldn’t fit in. I don’t see Mitt sacrificing the a genuinely talented VP for an empty suit with a Southern drawl.

  4. I know Fred Thompson is largely an empty box, but he is leading in the South, and that is where Romney is having a hard time. The logic of putting Thompson on the ticket is that he is a big Southern name who could likely bring the South with little effort. If the ticket was put together now, Fred Thompson would avoid scrutiny, and the current opinion of Thompson would remain as it is. I don’t think there is much to Thompson either, but Romney needs the south, and the GOP needs to avoid a divisive primary race.

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