Thompson’s in on the 26th?

At least according to this blog, Fred Thompson is going to be jumping into the race on June 26, which, I guess, is as good of a date as any. At least now Thompson has to campaign for support, participate in the debates, and open himself to criticism from the other candidates. This is when we find out if Fred is the real deal, if his best day of campaigning will be his first, or if the truth is somewhere in-between.

 Also, I came across a link (and I may post it later) where it says that Fred Thompson does not understand the criticism of his abortion position, steaming from statements he made in 1994. Really? Perhaps he can explain how saying that the abortion decision “must be made by a woman” constitutes a pro-life stance. Perhaps he changed his position, and that’s fine, but he seems to be of the mind that he was never pro-choice. Like I said, I think there is some explaining to do.


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