Blair exits

Im sad to see Tony Blair go.

Blair and I might not have the same ideology but he got results. His creation of a central bank stabalized interest rates. Under Blair Britain has full employment, and strong economic growth. It also has good quaility of life. The public services (like the Nstional Health Service) have improved. He has improved education and lowered crime. Tony Blair had stunning success with Northern Ireland, and was greeted like a hero in Serbia for his leadership in ousting the tyrant Milosevich. Tony Blair supported the US in Iraq when he didn’t have to. No other leader has used their office like he has to combat anti-Americanism. For that, we should all be grateful.

I fear Gordon Brown is Al Gore to his Bill Clinton. Brown is much more left wing. He fought Blair on private alternatives to the NHS and giving Universities more selection leeway and allowing them to raise tuition. Not that the “conservative” party is much better.


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