Is Fred Thompson Helping Romney?

To be perfectly honest, Fred Thompson is probably one of the larger thorns in the side of the Romney campaign. That said, I think there is a possibility that Thompson may help Romney in the long term. While Thompson is currently drying up some of the loose support that would otherwise go to Romney, I also think that he is pulling significantly from Giuliani and McCain. So why does this help Romney? Because, Thompson is on a high – he is largely an empty box (Probably comparable to Wes Clark) who seems unlikely to keep his current support and momentum levels going. Once Thompson does start to fall, I believe that his support will likely go to Romney. I don’t see strong Conservatives (what you usually find in the South – where Thompson has most of his support) going back to a closet liberal like Giuliani.



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4 responses to “Is Fred Thompson Helping Romney?

  1. FredsForAmnesty

    He Voted to allow firms to lay off Americans to make room for foreign workers in 1998!!!

    He Voted to kill programs that were intended to assist employers in verifying whether people they had just hired had the legal right to work in this country!!!!!

    Sen. Thompson, in committee consideration of S.1664 protected businesses from having to pay higher fines when they are caught hiring illegal aliens!!!!

    Voted to grant legal status to Nicaraguans and Cubans who had lived in the United States illegally since 1995, along with their spouses and minor unmarried children. The overall ten year impact of this legislation will be the addition of some 967,000 people to U.S!!!

  2. I don’t think you can group Cubans into the same group as other illegals – they are people fleeing from an oppresive dictator.

  3. frofreak

    Maybe so, but watch out what rationale you accept for justifying illegal immigration for a select few. Our more liberal friends will justify amnesty for mexican immigrants by claiming they are fleeing a broken, oppressive economic system that does not allow them to feed their families. It could be argued that the situation is, for all intents and purposes, very similar to that in Cuba. Would I make that argument? Never. But once you start giving one group of illegals a free pass, it becomes easy to justify giving it to every other group.
    Interseting stuff FFA, I knew FDT was more like McCain than Reagan, but this will hurt him a great deal. Do have any links or sources on the stuff?

  4. If you guys can get me some links for this stuff, I will give it a larger look when I get back from vacation.

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