More thoughts on Education

In education, like many other public sector jobs, pay is based on experience. I think the correct model is to base pay on merit. This might make more tenured teachers angry but I believe it would attract teachers looking to go into the profession. I just got done reading French President Sarkozy’s book. His vision is to offer teachers raises to stay after school and supervise after school programs, or to stay at school during their lunch break to continue work.  This might seem like a simple thing to accomplish, but in fact institutional barriers block these types of reforms here and in France. These incentives are not allowed to be offered because experienced teachers protect their turf. They have no interest in altering the tenure-based pay system.I want education pay to be based on merit. Critics say this is a vague criteria. How exactly do we decide if a teacher deserves pay based on his or her perormance? Well, we can start by enacting the above idea involving staying later for one thing. In the private sector, your boss decides your pay based on your performance (not always, we saw what happened with Ford motor company, but most of the time) we should expect school administrators to do the same.Another reform to education that should occur is to make it easier to fire teachers. Unions should be taken head on if neccesary to enact this change. If any teacher is fired, the teachers union strikes. Schools are left with teachers who would otherwise not have a job while students just have to deal with it. The teachers unions and the Democrat Party’s opposition to these reforms should show the public that they are not pro-education or pro-teacher,  they are just pro union.


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