Fairness Doctrine

I don’t think there is any way I can ever support this mandate. The idea in itself is great. I would love to have conflicting views on the airwaves. The problem is that regulation quite often has the opposite effect of its intention.

 If a radio station  cannot present a view without presenting an opposite view, it will not present any views altogether. Station operators will not go through costly and time-consuming procedures to meet the fairness requirement. When we did have the fairness doctrine, stations decided that providing viewpoints hurt more than it helped.

I also object to the impracticality of hiring more public employees to monitor different mediums, decide what constitutes an opinion and decide what constitutes a sufficient response.



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2 responses to “Fairness Doctrine

  1. Swint

    The idea of having conflicting points of view is great, what is not great is having it mandated by the government. The fairness doctrine is terrible. Here is my writings on the fairness doctrine:

  2. i read your take on the fairness doctrine Swint. You say you do not listen to talk radio anymore. (I am the same way) I would like to talk to about your reasoning behind that

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