Medical Diplomacy

My former Governor Tommy Thompson has supported a policy of “medical diplomacy on the campaign trail. I completely support the idea. What it would entail is to look to our nations top medical graduate schools to give us their top students. They would go to third world countries all around the world to build hospitals, provide equipment and provide care. The image of young Americans going around the world to provide health care would be powerful one.

My reasoning for supporting this is not so much the altruism behind this program, but the increase in America’s soft power. I believe that anti-Americanism has risen lately, and I believe it is a problem. I also believe it can be combated. First of all, I think that any person who loves their country should want the best image for it. Second of all, anti-Americanism threatens American interests. Medical diplomacy in the muslim world will combat Islamic terrorism. If young Muslim men see America providing care, more and more will see America as a force for good. The terrorist recruiters who prey on anger, hatred, and extremism will have a smaller pool to recruit from. Moderate Muslims will have a strengthened hand as they argue against anti-Americanism. Not just in the Muslim world but all around the globe, the Tony Blair’s and Nicolas Sarkozy’s of the world will be able to talk about medical diplomacy as they use their try to persuade others that anti-Americanism is a foolish indulgence.

I am not advocating a program that would serve entire nations. It would have to be done on a small scale. Admittedly, it is mainly for public relations purposes that I support this plan. I believe in the power of images, and I’ll strongly support means to use them to support the interests of my country.



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4 responses to “Medical Diplomacy

  1. Swint

    That is a really innovative idea on how to improve our image. I like it.

  2. josh4viceprez

    thanks for commenting

  3. You seem like an intelligent and otherwise normal human being, and I can tell from your writings, that you’re a concerned America. I am still confused then, on how you could be supporting Mitt Romney, who has said publicly that he wants to ‘double guantanomo’ and restrict detainees’ access to lawyers. This is a gross violation of so many of our rights! And it does not matter if they are American citizens, if they are on our land or overseas. We were ALL born with certain rights. YOu, me, the Kenyan goatherder, the Chinese rice farmer, from the richest man in the world to the poorest little village. We were ALL born with the same rights. Chief among these is the right to be Innocent until Proven Guilty in a court of law! The Constitution does not say ‘Americans have the right to this…or that..’ but that INDIVIDUALS have these rights. Detainees in Guantanomo are INNOCENT. 100% of them! We know this, because they have not been proven guilty in a court of law, by a jury of their peers! However, this IS the basis of our ENTIRE Judicial system, but this system is designed to PROTECT our freedom MORE than it is designed to take away the freedoms of Criminals. If YOU were arrested and charged, YOU would like access to an attorney, right? You’d like to see the evidence against you, right? You’d like the opportunity to have your day in court and be exonerated, right? All humans have this right.

    Thanks for your time,

    Jason Bennett
    Freedom Forever!

  4. josh4viceprez

    um… The owner of this site Matt A. is supporting Mitt Romney, Im just guest blogging here

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