Has Thompson Peaked?

Although Fred Thompson does not appear to be losing significant support at this time, there appear to be signs that his campaign has hit a rough spot. Consider the following facts, all of which have happened within the last week:

  • The Thompson campaign will not release it’s Q2 fundraising numbers, that suggests that they fell far short of their $5 million goal
  • The Los Angeles Times has uncovered a story that has Fred Thompson lobbying in favor of an abortion-rights group in the early 1990s.
  • Thompson’s upward momentum has stalled, he has been stuck at the same level for the past three weeks, and is the only candidate not to show any upward movement in the past three weeks.
  • A new poll shows that Thompson has lost his lead in South Carolina – a critical peice of the puzzel if he wants to win the nomination.
  • Mitt Romney has been steadily increasing his support even though he still only maintains name recognition around 50%. Romney poses the biggest competition for the Conservative vote.

  This is the start of the “wave of bad news” that I have talked about before. So far, this wave has thrown George Allen, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani out of the top spot. I don’t know if Fred can be the one to break that streak, but I do know that he will have to overcome his own closet skeletons before he can win the nomination.


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