The Problem With “Live Earth”

I don’t normally go into discussion on Global Warming, but I think that this may be a day to make an exception. As you may already know, today marks the Global Warming-awareness concerts. They are called “Live Earth” – and are being spearheaded by the all powerful and knowing Al Gore. There is only one problem – the concerts serve absolutely no purpose. The promote no solution to global climate change, present no new evidence to convince skeptics, and are in themselves hypocritical because of the high amount of energy and emissions that are required to hold the events. It would be one thing if these events were being held in support of some kind of solution, say the use of some new, efficient kind of fuel, but they are not. Instead, these concerts are simply part of the “green is cool” fad that uses scare tactics and misinformation to “alert” people to a “problem” that there is still serious debate over in the scientific community. I think science is best left to scientists and rock music to rockers.



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3 responses to “The Problem With “Live Earth”

  1. Mary

    Although LIVE EARTH is definately raising the awareness of Global Warming, it definately isn’t helping the matter either. As I write this now, the many musical performances part of each concert around the globe seem to have contributed to the problem instead of trying to help it. In the past 24 hours they have been performing, they have wasted more than saved. Note all materials wasted as opposed to saved by LIVE EARTH:

  2. Mary


    Gasoline (how else could the performers get to their locations… I doubt they “rode a bike” or carpooled), water (don’t even get me started on how many gallons they wasted), energy, such as electricity,(all the lightbalbs used on stage… something tells me they weren’t CFL’s), and of course the money (I know they raised money for something, but for what exactly… bribe the polar icecaps to stop melting?).

    If these celebreties, as well as Al Gore truely wanted to prevent Global Warming, then LIVE EARTH wouldn’t have existed today. Instead, they would be raising the awareness of Global Warming by holding up a piece of bark off of a tree and writing “Global Warming Exists” on it, while walking outside their tiny little shacks(which has no running water or electricity) and wearing hammydown clothing. Because that is what they are telling the world to do. When in fact at the same time, they are flying in their private jets around the globe everyday, living in their high end $30 million houses, driving from place to place almost constantly.

    It disgusts me to be honest.

    If they really wanted to end global warming, then they should drop all they have right now and become omish or something. Otherwise, they are just saying that they want Global Warming to happen but in a shorter amount of time as opposed to later.

  3. DevRonin

    What a bunch of back-biting pansies. I thought it was a great concert. Rock and Roll is epitome of freedom of expression. Yeah it was a concert to raise awareness for a cause. So what if it wasn’t an example of environmental conservation. Rock and Roll represents decadence..Are you guys all a bunch of fuddy-duddies. Get a life! Crack a beer and turn on the Rolling Stones or some Led Zepplin. Dance and smootch with your wife. Un-clinch your sphincter and lighten up.

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