Discussion: Fred Thompson

I do not personally believe Fred Thompson is the real deal, but that does not mean all people think that way, I recently had a rather heated discussion with another blogger on weather Thompson was for real. Now, I want to hear what my readers think about him. Post, comment, discuss. I want to hear what my readers think. Is Fred Thompson a Conservative Messiah or an Unqualified Actor?



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2 responses to “Discussion: Fred Thompson

  1. Swint

    I think is riding a wave of popularity because he is the new guy, I think he is the most like Bush and that he will likely finish third among the GOP. He is behind with money, and is only leading one state – South Carolina and SC is not as significant for the GOP as it is now after Florida. Ultimately, he is a flash in the pan.

    By the way, I linked to this site in my latest post on Thompson.

  2. Akbar

    Frankly, as a social conservative Republican, I choose Giuliani over Thompson. Some may be outraged or confused by such a statement but here is my reasoning: First, although socially conservative, I am not a one issue voter. Secondly, Giuliani has done something and actually has a strong inner desire to be President. He has a platform and made promises he hopes to live up to. Thompson on the other hand, is so lackadaiscal it’s scary. “Gee there are some things that I can only do as President.” Is that sufficient grounds to elect the man. I am sorry but Fred is my last choice among all GOP candidates. In reality, the only thing he has going for him is a semi-conservative voting record. That’s it! Some accomplishment, virtually every GOP Senator in history has the same qualification. Lastly, he reminds me more of GWB than any other candidate and that concerns me. Right now, out of all the candidates, I am leaning towards Mitt Romney.

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