McCain’s Campaign on Life Support as Top Advisors Resign

The news just keeps getting worse for McCain. He has virtually no money, has cut staff in important states, has been passed by both Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, and now he has lost his two top advisors to resignations. Both John Weaver (his top strategist) and Terry Nelson (his campaign manager) have resigned from their posts. This is, I believe the end for McCain. I don’t expect his campaign to last until September. This only leaves one question, who will he support? I see three possibilities:

 1) McCain endorses Mitt Romney – It does seem unlikely that McCain would pick Romney, considring their very public disputes on the campaign trail, but I think Romney is the most credible conservative candidate who actually hasa realistic chance of winning.

2) McCain endorses Fred Thompson – McCain and Thompson are friends, no question, and Fred Thompson was effectlively the third author of McCain-Feingold. However, McCain may not choose to support Thompson if he detects any kind of falseness, cheapness, or half-hearted campaigning.

3) McCain endorses no candidate  – I think this is probably the most likely route. I expect McCain to play it safe and allow his support to go to other candidates without and kind of pushing on his part.

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One response to “McCain’s Campaign on Life Support as Top Advisors Resign

  1. I vote 1, hoping that McCain’s support doesn’t actually hurt Romney’s campaign.

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