New Michigan Poll Not Terrible News for Romney

Anytime you appear to lose the lead in a state, it is not good. However, it should also be pointed out that loosing the lead in one state, particularly when that lead was questionable, is not usually a campaign killer. At one point last May, an ARG poll came out that suggested Romney had a lead in Michigan. Today, a Strategic vision poll shows him in second place, about 5% behind Giuliani. Those who oppose Romney are, once again, trying to use every little bit of negative news to claim that Romney is “unelectable” or “not taking off” or some other thing to convince people to drop him in the dust. What those kind of people fail to realize is that, while this poll does not confirm the ARG poll, as Romney supporters might have hoped, it still hold good news for Romney.

It can be difficult to track leads in various states when you have to use different polling organizations to track support. A better way to tell which way a candidate is moving is to look at one polling company. In this case, Romney (at least according to the poll) has picked up 5%, while Giuliani dropped 6%.

All in all, not a bad day for Romney – though he may want to run an ad or two or make a campaign stop up here to get Michigan firmly into his column.


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