Thompson Campaign: “Why Risk it?”

tip off: Race 4 2008

 So, Fred Thompson might wait until September to announce? What cracks me up is the responce supposedly given by a campaign official, saying “Why change what’s working?” I am sick and tired of this game that the Thompson campaign is playing – showing complete disdain for the primary election process. At this point, I”m ready to drop my support for Thompson as VP on a Romney ticket, I’ll make that official if Thompson does not announce within the next couple of weeks. People are getting burned out on the constant hype (and its just that – hype) about Fred. His foot-dragging has caused him to loose some of the excitement surrounding his campaign – he needs to put up or shut up. His announcement (if it comes at all) has been reduced from the center of the front page to a small blip in the “national” section.



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3 responses to “Thompson Campaign: “Why Risk it?”

  1. Jim Robinson

    I said this all back in April. Its now mid July and still no annoucnement. Im not one to say I told people so, but I did. 🙂

    That said, he never had my support and find his lies and half truths about him lobbying fo abortionist coupled with his once again push back of an official announcement to be more than coinscidence.

  2. Although I’m not a Mitt Mann like you are, I too am getting sick and tired of waiting for Fred Thompson to come out of his trailer to recite a couple of lines. This isn’t Hollyweird, Fred!

    So I give you a thumbs up on this one, Matt.

    How much suspense can Fred Heads stand? All they can get, apparently.

  3. well, at least we can agree on one thing

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