Thompson Not Entering Until August

I don’t like covering Romney opponents more than Romney, but Romney has had a slow news week, and Thompson has had a busy one, so, as a result, more Thompson, less Romney. Hopefully that will change soon, becuase I would much rather talk about Romney.

Anyway, it now seems that Thompson will not announce before Ames. That means not until 1/3 of the way through August. For a candidate who is supposed to be so impressive, and a savior to the GOP, you have to wonder why he is waiting so long. The answer? Simple, he wants to duck one more debate. Thompson knows that he is a poor speaker in unscripted situation, and he knows that when he has to debate (and he will, expect him to appear in the four debates in September/October), he is going to look like a joke next to candidates like Romney. Thompson has nothing to gain from having to debate the other candidates, so he is taking the “wait it out” route.


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