McCain Drops Straight Talk Express, Now Flys Coach

I’m not making this up. It seems that the McCain campaign’s financial situation is now so serious that he can no longer afford to keep the “Straight Talk Express” – the name he has used for his campaign bus. Instead, it looks like McCain has taken to traveling on the cheap, flying budget airlines such as US Air. From ABC:

He’s trying to reinvent himself yet again here in New Hampshire, with nearly no money in the bank and positions on issues that aren’t very popular with the voters. Just to illustrate some of the problems here: John McCain? No bus. No straight-talk express today or tomorrow in New Hampshire– they simply can’t afford it. He travelled up here on coach, he flew coach on US Air, no campaign plane for John McCain, and he’s travelling around the state with relatively few aides. The man doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, but he says he has enough to stay in the race, he’s going to stick to his unpopular issues on Iraq and immigration, and he says he’s in the race for good.

McCain’s situation is getting worse. He was once considered the man to beat, until he was passed by Giuliani early on, than by Thompson and Romney in quick succession. The ABC article points out an important fact: McCain is running on unpopular positions, and I’m not talking about Iraq. McCain’s less-than-Conservative stances on immigration and campaign fincance have turned off Conservative voters. McCain has tried to re-invent himself one too many times, and I think its time for him to do all of us a favor and drop out.


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