McCain Campaign Hit By More Defections

The news just keeps getting worse for John McCain’s Presidential Campaign. Today, McCain lost seven members of his press staff. McCain has already lost many of his top advisors, dropped his signiture “Stright Talk Express”, and closed or scaled back his campaigns in many important states, including Michigan and Iowa. From Bloomberg:

“Seven members of Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign press staff have resigned as the Arizona senator shuffles his team amid lagging fund raising and a drop in the polls.

The latest turmoil to hit McCain’s bid for the White House follows the resignations last week of campaign manager Terry Nelson and long-time McCain strategist John Weaver.

‘Each and every one of us still believes firmly in our hearts that Senator McCain is the best one in the race,” said Brian Jones, who is stepping down as communications director. “But the campaign, at this phase, doesn’t need a full service press department. It’s sad and unfortunate.'”

Perhaps the still do believe in McCain, but the McCain campaign is not in a full implosion. Now, McCain only has about a million in the bank, and is focusing on only three States: Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Romney leads in the first two, while trailing Thompson is most of the recent S.C. polls.

 I’m not even sure now if McCain will last until the end of August.


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