Thompson Slips Again in Rasmussen Polls

The honeymoon may be over for Fred Thompson, the latest Rasmussen polls – marking the fourth week in a row where Fred Thompson has failed to gain support. Rasmussen now releases both a weekly poll on the GOP race (released every Monday) and a daily Presidential Tracking poll. Here are the results for both:

Weekly GOP Primary Poll – 7/16/07

Fred Thompson – 24% (25%)

Rudy Giuliani – 23% (24%)

Mitt Romney – 12% (12%)

John McCain – 12% (12%)

The Weekly poll shows little new information, only that Thompson and Giuliani have moved down by one point each. Neither have seen significant upward movement since the June 19 poll, and Thompson has declined in three of the last four polls.

Daily GOP Tracking Poll

Fred Thompson – 23%

Rudy Giuliani – 22%

Mitt Romney – 13%

John McCain – 11%

The Daily Tracking poll for 7/16 produced results similar to the weekly GOP poll released the same day, with a few noticeable differences. For one, it shows Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani polling lower than in the other poll, though only be one point apiece. More important differences are seen in the number of the other two candidates in the “top tier.” Mitt Romney and John McCain are tied according to the results of the weekly poll, but the tracking poll places Romney with a two point lead over McCain, showing Romney moving up by 1% and McCain heading down at the same rate. This also moves Romney within 10% of the lead.


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