The Liberal’s View of Al-Qaeda

Today was the release date for a report by the National Intelligence Estimate on the threat facing the United States and other things related to the War on Terror. I don’t want to go into the exact details of the report, but I do want to focus on one of the questions asked by a White House reporter. Unfortunately, I did not catch the name, but the question provides great insight into the Left’s view of the War on Terror. The question was, and this is a rough quote, “What about UBL? This Administration always talks about Al-Qaeda as a whole, rather than focusing on the man who actually attacked us on 9/11.”

So, what is the problem with this question? It is a prime example of the narrow-mindedness of the American Left when it comes to the War on Terror. In their opinion, the WoT is a war of revenge, a tit-for-tat fight with only one focus: Usama Bin Laden. This question actually takes it a step further, revealing not only the Left’s mindset, but also how idiotic the mindset is. UBL did not actually conduct the attack himself, it was not the work of a lone suicide bomber. Instead, 9/11 was a prime example of an operation conducted by “Al-Qaeda as a whole.” The attack could not have been successful without the coordinated workings of the entire terrorist network.

The position that UBL should be our only focus is dangerous. If we were to target only the top man, the organization would be left intact, as would all of the other terrorist groups and rogue states. The War on Terror is not a quick war of revenge, it is a long, complicated, and deadly battle to make America safer and destroy the biggest threats to global security. Keep that in mind when the 2008 elections roll around.


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