DeMint for VP?

In addition to the actually race for the GOP nomination, one of the things widely talked about on blogs is who will fill the lower spot on the ticket. Names have been flying around for months, ranging from most of the current Presidential candidates, to Fmr. Michigan Gov. Engler, to current Gorgia Gov. Purdue.  Most of this is purely speculation, as VP candidates are usually not known until the convention. Another big factor in choosing our Vice Presidential nominee is who is picked as the actual nominee. Tickets are usually designed for the broadest appeal to help insure the best chance of winning.

 At that said, I want to drop another name into the discussion: South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. This is going on the hope that Romney becomes the nominee, because I am not sure DeMint has any use on another ticket. At least for Romney, DeMint is a natural choice for the VP spot on a Romney ticket. He is about as Conservative and Southern as they come – and that fills in the largest hole in a Romney candidacy. The one area where Romney could struggle is with Southern Evangelical voters. Not only is Romney Mormon, but he is also a Northerner, and that makes it unlikely that he could win the South “just by showing up”, unless he picks a Southern VP.


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  1. GeorgiaMom

    Magnificent idea. Jim DeMint is one of the bright stars of the Republican Party.

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