Thompson Caught in Abortion Lie

Proof Thompson Worked for Pro-Abortion Group

Remember the story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times about how Thompson once worked for a pro-abortion group? Remember how most of the Thompsonites tried to discredit the paper by saying it lacked evidence? Well, now there is a new development, one that proves that Thompson did, indeed, do work for the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. The New York Times has obtained records from Thompson’s former employer that prove that he did lobbying and consulting work for the organization in the early and mid 1990s.

Normally I would not think this is an issue, considering the relatively little amount of work and how long ago it was, but the fact is Thompson LIED. He denied the accusations, and that is unacceptable. It is one thing to be pro-choice, or to be a convert on the issue, it is entirely another to attempt to cover up parts of your record in an attempt to mislead people. Even if you disagree with a persons abortion stance, at least honesty is respectable. I’m dropping Thompson as my pick for VP, and now hoping that he does us all a favor and stays away from the race.



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2 responses to “Thompson Caught in Abortion Lie

  1. One would think that a presidential candidate would avoid lying about something that can so easily be disproven. People on the Internet do incredible things and can dig up incredible things. If a candidate were smart they would tell the truth as often as possible. This is the first of many hits to come to Thompson persona as a true conservative. I would say that he and Romney are about equal on conservative stances. It would have been wiser for him to pull a Romney and admit where he stood and then explain his conversion and stick to it. This seems to be satisfying most GOP voters in the states where Romney is most visible.

  2. GeorgiaMom

    Fred Thompson is doing his level best to make sure everybody knows he is not Presidential. I am seriously beginning to wonder if his non-campaign is more about taking votes away from certain people rather than a real desire to be POTUS.

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