Extremely Strange CNN Poll

There is a new CNN poll out today, for the early primary state of South Carolina – and I think we can probably send it right to the trash where it belongs. Polls are never perfect, so its only to be expected that you sometimes get polls so far out of the mainstream that the results are laughable. Here is the new CNN poll:

 CNN South Carolina Poll

Rudy Giuliani – 28%

John McCain – 20%

Fred Thompson – 17%

Mitt Romney – 4%


Just pick a candidate you can see that the results are skewed. For one, Giuliani hasn’t polled even close to 30% for more than two months nationally, and he has been doing worse in South Carolina. McCain’s numbers also seem high, considering a lot of the opposition to his amnesty bill came from the Conservative wing of the GOP – heavily concentrated in the South. Thompson’s numbers are not really low, until you compare them to the other candidates – Thompson has been leading in South Carolina in most recent polls. The last candidate – Mitt Romney – is poll extremely low for this state. Vitrually every polls since May have shown Romney above 10%.

No faults of CNN’s, but I don’t think this poll is any realistic reflection of the race.


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  1. josh4viceprez

    I completely agree. This one is the outlyer (sp?)

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