Giuliani, Romney, Steady, McCain Slips to 10%

For anyone wondering why I did not post the results of Yesterday’s Rasmussen tracking poll, it was because of the rather unusual results it contained. It had showed a drop by Romney of 3%, and a gain by Thompson of 2%. I wanted to wait until today to see what the results would be. It looks like my instincts were right, Romney is back up to 13%, while Thompson stays at 26%. I’ll  be keeping a close eye on Thompson’s numbers, looking to see how the latest information about his work for a pro-abortion group effects him. The other two top tier candidates stayed within 1% of their position in yesterday’s poll, with Giuliani remaining at 21%, and McCain falling to his lowest level so far, just 10% of likely Republican voters want McCain to be the nominee.


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One response to “Giuliani, Romney, Steady, McCain Slips to 10%

  1. Oh McCain….
    We will miss you. Have a good 73rd birthday party. Forget politics, it aint your thing.

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