Drugs, Sex, Lies, and….Fake Badges?

The media loves scandal, and the media loves to dig up dirt on politicians. Not only do they love to dig up dirt, but they are, for better or worse, pretty good at it. So, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that, six months into the primary race, the media has managed to find scandal of some form or another within the campaigns of each of the GOP’s “top tier”. For Rudy Giuliani, that scandal came about a month ago when his South Carolina campaign chair was indicted on charges relating to the possession and distribution of cocaine, he resigned. If drugs are forgivable, soliciting sex is not, which is why I think the scandal surrounding McCain Campaign co-chair Bob Allen is a little worse than the Giuliani drug scandal. If not because of the crime, because of the time that it happened – right in the middle of a crisis within the McCain camp, where the campaign is now fighting just to stay alive. And, in case you are wondering, Allen also resigned.

As bad as those scandals are, I think both of the above mentioned are small in comparison to the potential effects of the still-emerging scandal surrounding Fred Thompson’s work for a pro-abortion group. While there is still some question as to weather Thompson himself actually denied the accusations when the first came out, it is clear that the campaign spoke and acted as if the work did not happen. That is, until the evidence came out of the NYT showing phone and billing records from Thompson’s law firm. So far, the campaign has been silent on the revelations from the Times – probably hoping the storm will blow over. It may, but the fact remains that Thompson is now going to be dodging the words “lie” and “cover-up” if he runs – and that could do serious damage to his campaign.

Alright, so you are probably wondering what has come out of the Romney campaign. Well, just look at the title, that should give you the answer. So far, I’ve mentioned drugs, sex, and lies. That leaves only one thing: Fake badges. Like I said, the media loves scandal, and that may explain why Mitt Romney is clearly not the top choice of the MSM. So far, the worst the media has been able to uncover is a small event involving the possible use of fake security badges by a member of the Romney campaign. The member in question resigned, and faces, at most, a fine. While any illegal activity is wrong, the use of fake badges looks small in comparison to the scandals surrounding the other campaigns.


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