“Lighten Up”

Sometimes things are only an issue if you let them get out of control. Weather you like Romney or not, you cannot deny that he knows how to tackle a problem before it gets out of control. Take his past abortion stance for example, he knew it would cuase his campaign problems, so he openly admitted he was once pro-choice, and does not shy away from his conversion. The Results? Romney is looked at as being pro-life as well as honest.

 Well, he’s done it again. A couple weeks ago, Romney took a picture with a woman who was holding a sign reading “No to Osama, Obama, and Chelsae’s Moma.” Romney clearly knows not to duck things like this when they happen. Among other things, I think it is important to pick a candidate who has shown skill in dealing with the media. Romney hit the nail on the head by saying that “he doesn’t screen every person he takes a picture with” and that those who are making a big deal out of the picture need to “lighten up”.


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