Romney Only Trails by 9% in Florida

The South has long been the weakest part of Romney’s Presidential campaign, particularly Florida. While Romney continues to impress in almost every other early state, Florida has yet to turn out impressive polling numbers for Mitt. A new Rasmussen poll out today, however, changes that. While Romney still trails by a considerable margin, he is no within 10% of the lead. Here is the poll:

Rasmussen Florida GOP Primary – July 24, 2007

Rudy Giuliani – 22%

Fred Thompson – 21%

Mitt Romney – 13%

John McCain – 13%

Obviously its not close to a lead, but this kind of upward trend is great news. I have long been concerned about Romney’s lack of a lead in any Southern state. While I don’t think it is necessary to win both Florida and South Carolina, he does need to win one to prove that he can win in the south. While I would perfer S.C. over Florida, I guess nothing says he can’t win in both states.


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