Hire First, Ask Questions Second?

Fred Thompson has never run a national campaign before, but he should be smart enough to know that you don’t hire a new campaign manager without first combing over every part of his record. Apparently he didn’t do that, becuase yesterday’s hiring of Fmr. Senator and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham is already raising questions about his connections to Pro-Islamist groups. Debbie Schlussel Explains:

As a conservative–but more important, as an American concerned about the future of this country in the face of a terrorist threat–Thompson’s choice of Spencer Abraham was the nail in the coffin for me in opposing Fred Thompson’s quest for the White House.

I know Spencer Abraham. He wrote one of my recommendations for law school. And the Spencer Abraham that I and all of America have since experienced is bad news for everyone except CAIR, ADC, MPAC, ISNA, and all Islamists who want to endanger America…

…As a Senator, he took marching orders from James Zogby of the pan-Islamist Arab American Institute, opposing profiling of Arabs, the use of secret evidence against Muslims (at the behest of Muslim groups), attempting to repeal the Clinton counter-terrorism package, refusing to fund computer tracking of student and other foreign aliens, giving millions in our tax money right to Hezbollah, and putting CAIR on the map on Capitol Hill (taking the group’s officials around to meet other Senators and Members of Congress). He took campaign contributions from the relatives of Hezbollah-backed top Lebanese officials after he got the group millions in our tax money.

The charges continue, and I recommend that you read the entire article. According to Mrs. Schlussel, Abraham’s work as a pusher of aid for Islamic countries led to gross misappropriations to countries such as Lebanon and Afghanistan – with the money going right into the hands of terrorists.

At this point, I don’t want to add my own commentary on the allegations, except to say that they need to be investigated thoroughly. If they prove to be true, I’ll be willing to echo Justin’s call:

Note to Fred if he wants to win with the Republican base: Fire Spence Abraham.

We’ll see what happens.


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