Problems at Camp Thompson?

So much for being the Conservative Messiah, all is apparently not well with the Thompson campaign. While a quick glance at the campaign would seem to reveal a candidate riding a huge wave of popularity and support, the reality may be very different. While I admit that I have neglected my job of putting up the daily tacking poll, I can tell you that Thompson has stalled. While he is still polling around the same level he has for a while, he no longer leads the pack – he is back into a tie with Giuliani. Add to that the fact that his fundraising has been dismal. What was a $5 million target for the end of June has turned into a $3 million for the end of July. Could it be any worse? Yep, and it is. Apparently Thompson has not managed to overcome his dislike of campaigning, because all campaign decisions now appear to be running through his wife, Jeri. Oh, and one more thing, remember that abortion-lobbying story? Well, it hasn’t died yet, just the opposite, it highlighted those big question marks that are still hanging over Thompson’s history on the issue. Finally, is reporting that at least one of Thompson’s big names is no longer working for him, complaining of the disorganization and lack of direction of the campaign.

 Nothing the campaign cannot fix, but definitely something that needs to be addressed, and quickly, if he does not want it to get out of control.


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