Romney Trying to “Prop Up” His Message

As if Romney were not already good enough at spreading his message of the “three-legged stool of Conservatism”, he has actually started using a three-legged stool at his “ask Mitt anything” sessions. Apparently the use of the stool involves unscrewing one of the legs and allowing it to fall over – a metaphor for the Republican party if it abandons its “strong-families” section of the platform.

While I’m not sure that Romney really needs to start using props – he is more than capable of spreading his message without them – its his campaign. More than the props is the message he is trying to spread by using them – that the GOP can not and must not allow ourselves to tear the party apart for a slightly increased chance of winning one election.

 If the GOP wants to win, the way to do so is by picking a strong, experienced leader who can unite and appeal to all three “legs” of the party.


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