Thursday Polling Update

The race for the Republican nomination continues to get closer, while the number of Americans calling themselves Democrats continues to decline, and Americans are once again answering a famous question asked by Ronald Reagan. Overall, the news is pretty good for Romney fans and Republicans alike.

 Lets start with the GOP race. Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson are still within one point of each other, with today’s poll showing Giuliani with the advantage. The real story however, is Mitt Romney. Just a couple of days ago, he had less than half the support enjoyed by the GOP frontrunner. Today, he is only 9% off the lead, and only 8% behind Fred Thompson – the other Conservative in the top tier. Here is the poll:

Rasmussen Tracking Poll – 8/2/07

Rudy Giuliani – 24%

Fred Thompson – 23%

Mitt Romney – 15%

John McCain – 11%

This poll shows that Romney obviously has at least some upward movement, which only makes the upcoming Ames poll and the Aug./Sep. debates even better. If Romney can use his current mittmentum and the new strength gained from strong performances in the debates and the Straw poll, I would not be uncomfortable saying that he could be polling equal to Rudy and Thompson by October.

 There are also two other important polls that came out today, the first deals with Americans’ view of their current situation, and goes back to a question Ronald Reagan asked during his 1980 campaign for President. Democrats might be getting a little concerned, seeing as 57% of Americans feel that they are better off than they were four years ago, despite high costs of energy and healthcare, as well as the war in Iraq.

Democrats might also be concerned about today’s other poll, which showed that only about 36% of Americans considered themselves Democrats. About 31% consider themselves Republicans, while 32% think of themselves as independents. The number of Democrats has moved down for the last five months, while the number of GOPers has moved up and down depending on the defining issue of the month. In June, when the major issue was immigration reform, the Republicans made gains, while the Democrats had the advantage in July, when the debate in Congress was more focused on Iraq.



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2 responses to “Thursday Polling Update

  1. JB

    Thanks Matt A. Finally some good news for a change. Obviously the Mitt camp has to be pleased when the most (recently, at least) accurate polling firm puts them within real striking distance of the leaders. With his ground game and money raising skills I have renewed confidence that Mitt can make a run at this. Hopefully a solid showing at Ames can boost his national numbers even more.

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