Another Romney Win!

No, I have not yet been able to read the full debate transcript, in fact I haven’t even found a copy yet, but the videos that I am seeing and what I have read so far seem to indicate that Romney did extremely well – well enough to put him in the top spot, though some say he shared the win with Giuliani. Even if that is true, it is no supprise. Romney and Giuliani have consistantly been the best debaters in the field, which is one of the reasons that some think this race is going to eventually become Rudy vs. Romney. I’ll have continuing coverage throughout the day, including some videos later, but I wanted to post what others are already saying about Romney:

Time’s Mark Halperin: “I think Governor Romney had the best performance overall. He’s been strong in all the debates, comes very well prepared.”

“Mitt Romney gets an A. I couldn’t find a lot of things to criticize in his performance. He faced some tough questions, but he did a good job handling it. It’s becoming cliché to say, but he looks and sounds like a president. For a lot of voters that’s important.”
(ABC WOI-DM’s “Vote 2008 Special,” 8/5/07)

ABC News Political Director David Chalian: “I think Mitt Romney had a really strong performance. … I think from then on out, he had a very smooth, solid performance, and continues to show why he is leading in these early states.” (ABC WOI-DM’s “Vote 2008 Special,” 8/5/07)

The Politico’s Jonathan Martin: “One small but influential group of voters — a bit like Iowa itself, come to think of it — had Mitt Romney winning at the halfway point.” (Jonathan Martin, “The View Across The Street,” The Politico, 8/5/07)

There is a lot of good new for the Romney camp that seems to be coming out of the debate – including Romney producing the one-liner of the morning. L


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