The Iowa Debate

Well, it seems I don’t know how to tell time – becuase I missed the GOP debate this morning. It just wrapped up on ABC, yes, it was a morning debate. These kinds of debates do not happen that often, so, when I saw the debate schedule, I thought it ment 8 PM, not 8 AM. For all of my readers who were expecting post-debate commentary, It’s coming, but its going to take a while, because I am going to have to read through the entire transcript.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a clear answer as to who people think won the debates, becuase, like all the debates, the ABC comment section has been spammed by Paul-supporting wackjobs. Of the 130 comments that were on there when I checked, probably 120 of them were Paul supporters. The only good news is that Romney seems to have won over those commenters who actually had brains.

I’ll read through the transcript and post my thoughts this afternoon. For those who are wondering, the next debate is also an ABC debate, this one will be in Reno, NV on August 20th. I’ll get you the correct televison time (if any) as soon as I can.


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