No Help to Thompson

A couple of months ago, when Fred Thompson was just starting to emerge as a Presidential candidate, he was not attending the Republican debates. Many of the Fred Heads tried to spin that fact as a plus for the non-candidate. Their logic was that, by staying away from the debates, Thompson could continue to gain support while allowing all of the other candidates to tear themselves to shreads. And, I will admit, maybe they had a point.

However, now that we are getting into August, the debates are going to become more frequent. At the same time, more people are going to be tuning in. We are now at the point where the race is going to start to heat up. The primaries are only  months away, and people are starting to become more aware of the race. As people start to really consider their options, they are going to notice the absense of Thompson. Already, Thompson has lost his lead in the GOP race, and continues to loose ground to Romney. Unless Thompson gets in by early September, he is going to find himself falling out of favor with many who see him as a good alternative to a less-than-impressive field.  Star power is only going to get him so far. When the time comes, voters are going to be looking for strong, principled, conservative positions in a nominee.



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2 responses to “No Help to Thompson

  1. Hey Matt. You were before promoting Thompson as VP candidate, do you still feel the same?

    There are rumors (we’ve heard them before) that he will announce on 9-5-07. Any news on that?

  2. No, I no longer support Thompson for VP. I was never fully comfortable with Thompson as VP, but saw it as the best way to unify the base around one candidate and avoid a split convention. However, with Thompson’s abortion cover-up, his lack of dedication to the campaign, and the fact that he is likely to jump in have all caused me to abandon my support for a Romney/Thompson ticket.

    While I don’t want to start playing popcorn with my support, I am currently leaning towards South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint for VP.

    As for the rumors of a date, I have heard that rumor, but, there have also been other rumored dates. Including after Memorial Day, July Fourth, August, etc.

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