John Cox’s Speech

Well, what can I say? John Cox’s speech did not go so well. For one, his opening was chaotic and left me wondering if he was locked in the bathroom. It is always nice to see a candidate’s family, but I don’t think the presentation of his life and daughter went as planned.

During his speech, he seemed to be going all over the place, and said a few statements that need more clarification. Overall though, I think he is a Conservative, but I also think he needs to start smaller. President is not such a great first step, I would advise him to run for Congress if he wants to get into the Federal Government.

The next candidate to speak is, unfortunately, Ron Paul



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2 responses to “John Cox’s Speech

  1. I was at the straw poll, and I think that his speech went very well. People in the Tancredo tent clapped during Cox’s speech. His opening was well-planned. He was the only republican candidate who has a music video. Matt, when you said, “life and daughter,” did you mean “wife and daughter”? I think their presentation went very well.

    Cox’s speech was very organized and didn’t need any clarification. If you have questions about his views, please e-mail him. He ran for Congress, in 2000, in a district that includes northern suburbs of Chicago, and he lost the primary.

  2. I was surprised, but glad, to see that he was included in the big Iowa Straw Poll event; we thought that he gave a very good speech.

    Mr. Cox is a principled and knowledgeable conservative… He is sharp, intelligent, ambitious, and energetic, and was actually the first candidate to formally announce for President of the United States. It is too bad that he does not have more name recognition, and major media coverage.

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