Live Ames

Its D-day, the Iowa straw poll is starting soon, and I’ve decided to make my first attempt at live blogging to help get the best coverage on my site. I plan on covering many of the major speeches, as well as the final results. For those who want to watch the straw poll as well as follow it on my site, you can tune in on C-SPAN. Other sites are also going to have coverage, including,, and

1:12 PM – The speeches have not even started yet, and things are already getting interesting on the C-SPAN phone line. Some Huckabee supporter called in saying that Huckabee is the best because he “has always been pro-life” – it seems some people still have problems with converts.

1:15 PM – Some idiot just called in and said that Ron Paul is the best candidate to face the anti-war Democrats. This guy needs to get a clue – Paul is as anti-war as most of the Democrats.

1:22 PM – Just listening to some opening remarks by Spkr. Gingrich. He’s talking about political standards – something that has been lost on the Republican side for too long. The GOP needs to return to being the party of high expectations. Maybe its time we let FedEx handel the Illegal Immigration problem.

1:23 PM – I like Newt, and could easily vote for him, his message of change is true. I also think that his message on illegal immiration is right on. Its a shame that there are people like Juan McAmnesty who want to give illegal immigrants citizenship.

1:26 PM – If I didn’t know better, I would say Gingrich was about to announce he is running for President.

1:29 PM – In case you are wondering, all those yellow shirts are Romney supporters. I wonder if there are enough seats for anyone else.

1:33 PM – Looks like the Romney supporters are trying to take over. Lets hope we are still hearing those chants of “Mitt!,Mitt!,Mitt!” after eight tonight.

1:36 PM – Whoops! Looks like they messed up the presentation of the colors, they put the flags on the wrong side. The Chairman had to fix that. Might have been planned, maybe not.

1:38 PM – Rep. Latham is speaking, blasting Democrats on spending, and on the disaster in the House a couple weeks ago. We need to use that vote in 2008 to prove who Democrats really are.

1:42 PM – Time for Laura Ingraham to speak. Praising Iowans, etc. Exactly what you would expect in Iowa.

1:50 PM – Welcome video, National Anthem, etc, etc.

2:01 PM – I’m going to stop live blogging now to listen to the candidates. I’ll have analysis and more live blogging later.


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