Talking About Tancredo

Let me start by saying that I like Tom Tancredo. I like his message, his patriotism, and his Conservatism. His speech went really well too, though probably not as good as Romney. Still, I could easily vote for Tancredo. His talk about rules of engagement, immigration, and defeating the enemy is along the same lines as Romney.

With all that said, I would like to see Tancredo drop out. I think he would be better as a Senator. There is going to be an empty Senate seat in his state next year, and we really need a candidate who can hold that seat for the GOP.  Another option would be to appoint Tancredo to a Republican cabinet member. I think we need a new Secretary of Immigration, and I think Tancredo would be an excellent choice for that position. I’ll try to pull a couple videos of his speech.

Next up is a relative unknown – John Cox


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