Will Thompson Drop Out?

If you are saying that he already has, you’re thinking of the wrong Thompson. The candidate (or not) that I am thinking of is Fmr. Senator Fred Thompson. While everything seems to be going full steam ahead for his campaign (despite all of the problems), there are now rumors flying that he may opt not to run after all.  Like I said, these are rumors, and I have not yet seen an actual source, so take it with a grain of salt. Anyway, I’m not going to be home for most of the day, so I figured I would leave this here for all of my readers to speculate and guess about. Have fun, I’ll be back this evening.



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4 responses to “Will Thompson Drop Out?

  1. Swint

    I have had a strange feeling for awhile that Thompson will end up not running. I mentioned it at the end of my Ames recap on http://www.dryflypolitics.com. It seems like is heart is not in it. I could be wrong, and likely am, but it sure is strange how things have gone so far in that campaign.

  2. jrcutler

    It takes guts to run for president. If he runs, his reputation will probably be destroyed and untold stories of the past will come to light. It happens to everyone who runs up at the top, and most of the time it is not worth it, because most people who run lose. Thompson would most likely get thrashed in the primaries, and that would be a blow to his confidence and his career. People have been mean and critical of Romney since he started running, and he’s just a nice family guy. Guiliani has done a lot for America and New York, but now Catholic bishops are saying horrid stuff to his face, and by January, everyone and their dog will know that Guiliani has a messed up personal life, and he doesn’t deserve to get defaced like that as he looses to someone else. The media is rough on people, so I think it is very possible that he will chicken out. He has to do it for the country, not just himself. Guiliani and Romney sacrificed themselves for America, I don’t know if Thompson has it in him – he’s got too much to lose.

  3. GeorgiaMom

    JRcutler said, “Giuliani….and he doesn’t deserve to get defaced like that as he looses to someone else”

    He most certainly does. Everything Giuliani did to his wives, to his children, to his constituents in New York city is a glimpse of the man.
    Giuliani is a man of very low personal character and we do not need one of those in the White House and we sure as heck do not need one of those in the White House with the label REPUBLICAN.

    Character matters for many, many reasons not the least of which is that it tells us how he will react when the pressure is on and NOBODY is looking.

  4. jrcutler

    I was misread “Giuliani….and he doesn’t deserve to get defaced like that as he looses to someone else”
    Note the phrase “as he looses” my opinion is that he doesn’t need extra garbage dragging him down to lose, he already has the anchor of pro-choice and pro-gay. He’s sinking, and eventually everyone else will agree with me. The only way he can win is with a split convention, and that’s a ridiculos thought to begin with, simply because it is a “Republican” convention, not an “Independent” convention.
    My point is, the media is unnecessarily cruel. If you had the media on your back, you would agree with me if you don’t already agree. They are already starting to sink their teeth into Thompson, and he’s not even running yet! I hope he gets scared and quits before he begins, because he can’t win the election anyway, he can only mess things up! He will have to prove me wrong in a debate and show me he is a champion, if I ever get to hear him debate!

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