GOP Race is Getting Closer

The latest Rasmussen poll is out, and it shows Giuliani and Thompson slipping, with Romney holding at about 15%, and John McCain moving up a little bit. I don’t entirely trust the McCain numbers, but we won’t know until Monday if they are real or skewed. Rasmussen still does not do polling on the weekend, and you can’t usually cross-check one polling firm with another. Anyway, here are today’s Tracking poll results:

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll – August 17, 2007

Rudy Giuliani – 22%
Fred Thompson – 19%
Mitt Romney – 15%
John McCain – 14%

Like I said, the McCain results seem a little high. But, even if they are, the GOP race is clearly getting closer. I would not be supprised to see at least the top three candidates within 5% of each other next week.


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